Aardvark celebrates Ellington’s 125th birthday with GBH concert

The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra will celebrate a 125th anniversary of jazz icon Duke  Ellington’s birthday (April 29, 1899) with a very special concert presented by GBH and JazzBoston, part of their ongoing JazzNOW Series.

We’re excited to cap off our 51st season with this extraordinary event.

The show will take place at the GBH Studios on June 6, from 7:15 pm to 9:00 pm, and will be open to an in-person audience as well as livestreaming to a virtual audience.  For information on ordering tickets and registering for the livestream, please click on this link.

Widely recognized for their Ellington performances, Aardvark will present classics like Caravan, selections from suites such as Blues to Be There from the Newport Jazz Festival Suite, and music from the Sacred Concerts including Come Sunday and It’s Freedom.

Please join us in person or via livestream on June 6 as we celebrate the great Edward Kennedy Ellington.  Happy Birthday Duke!