Recent CD Release Concert: Democratic Vistas/Election Special

In case you missed it: Aardvark celebrated the release of the band’s 15th CD, Democratic Vistas (Aardvark’s 9th recording on the prestigious Leo Records label). Selections from Mark Harvey’s Swamp-A-Rama suite were performed, including Fake News Blewz and Trumputin Tango.

Also: Bullythug Ramble and No Walls, Aardvark’s anthem of hope and inclusivity.

In early critical acclaim, Democratic Vistas has been praised for evoking “the spirit of Charles Ives, Mingus, Sun Ra, Charlie Haden, turbulent and full of contrasts.” (Bad Alchemy, Germany). Music Zoom (Italy) hailed the orchestra’s “excellent soloists,” while Jazz World USA wrote that the pieces “swing and sway like a trapeze on a loose rope making the listener hold on tight to hang on!”

Learn more about the CD, Democratic Vistas.

Aardvark Jazz Orchestra
Democratic Vistas/Election Special – CD Release Concert
Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 8:00 pm

MIT, Kilian Hall
160 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02142
Free Admission
Information:  617-452-3205