Aardvark Jazz featured on WMBR New Edge

Ken Field played a track from Aardvark’s Faces of Souls CD (“Lament for the City”) on his New Edge show Tuesday, October 13.  He also played a track from A Rite for All Souls (“The Rite Concluded”).

The New Edge program features 2 hours each week of mostly instrumental creative new music, composed and improvised at the intersection of classical, jazz, and world styles.

The show streams at http://wmbr.org and broadcasts at 88.1fm in the Boston area from 2-4pm. 

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The show also airs on WOMR/WFMR 92.1FM/91.3FM Provincetown/Orleans, MA, USA (http://womr.org) Wednesday nights midnight-2am, and streams at various times at http://taintradio.org.

Playlist for October 13, 2020:


  • Compagnie Christian Vieussens/Noche en Vela/CIRMA/Arc 96
  • Travis Laplante & Yarn-Wire/Inner Garden/New Amsterdam/Inner Garden III
  • Tom Guarna/Spirit Science/Destiny Records/Lullaby for Lena
  • Timothy McAllister & Liz Ames/Notturno/Xas/Walking on the Ceiling II. Floating-Breathing (David Biedenbender)
  • Three Point Circle/Layered Contingencies/Palace of Lights/Vertical Hold
  • Thomas Hass & Thomas Agergaard/Double Drums/Apple/Spooky Moments
  • Stephan Micus/White Night/ECM/The River
  • Stephan Micus/White Night/ECM/The Moon
  • Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet/Metamodal/ECM/Dawn
  • Sara Schoenbeck & Wayne Horvitz/Cell Walk/Songlines/Sleeper Ship
  • Robin Cox/You Never Fade/Cox/Tetra
  • Rain Sultanov/Influence/Ozella/Behind the Sky
  • Oded Tzur/Here Be Dragons/ECM/Here Be Dragons
  • Mick Rossi & Johnnie Valentino/Fallout/Robot Love/Sequestered
  • Mark Harvey/A Rite for All Souls/Americas Musicworks/The Rite Continued
  • ➡▶Aardvark Jazz Orch/Faces of Souls/Leo Records/Lament for the City
  • Benjamin Koppel/Art of the Quartet/Unit Records/Follow