A Scullers Look-Back: Tubulidentata

Enjoy an archival video from Aardvark’s 2012 show at Scullers: Cantata Tubulidentata (Parts 1 and 2), Mark Harvey’s humorous suite, literally “The Song of the Aardvarks.”   Many thanks to Tom Hall and ImprovLive 365 for the videos. Cantata Tubulidentata Part 1 Cantata Tubulidentata Part 2

Listen to Aardvark’s Latest CD: Democratic Vistas

Inspired by Walt Whitman’s 1875 essay of the same name, DEMOCRATIC VISTAS is a Jeremiad on the corruption and spiritual/moral rot of our social-political situation. Among the pieces are the “De-Evolution Blues,” the 10-movement “Swamp-A-Rama” Suite, serious and satirical by turns—from the “Trumputin Tango” to Read More …